RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2021 Symposium


November 29,2021 Monday 10am-5pm (JST)


RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2021 Aichi Organizing Committee


The Special Interest Group on AI Challenges in the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence

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Time(JST) Program Title Name Paper
10:00 Opening
10:10~11:00Keynote Speech 1 Robotics and Moon Shot ProgramProf. Toshio FUKUDA
Meijo University
11:10~11:35AM-1Planning method of untying cable with reinforcement learning technologyZheming Fan, Toyohiro Hayashi, and Takeshi Ohashi
Kyushu Institute of Technology
11:35~12:00AM-2Real-time multi-stage deep learning pipeline for facial recognition by service robotsNuno Pereira[1], Tiago Ribeiro[1], Gil Lopes[2], and A. Fernando Ribeiro[1]
[1] University of Minho, [2] University Institute of Maia
12:00~13:00lunch break
13:00~13:50Keynote Speech 2The History of RoboCup: Past, Present and Future Prof. Hitoshi MATSUBARA
Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Research Center, The University of Tokyo
14:00~14:25PM1-1A study on the effect of team names on the team strategyKyo Hatakeyama[1], Takuya Fukushima[1], Yoshifumi Kusunoki[1], Tomoharu Nakashima[1], and Hidehisa Akiyama[2]
[1] Osaka Prefecture University, [2] Okayama University of Science
14:25~14:50PM1-2A digital speech watermarking method using spread spectrum for secret communication in RoboCup SoccerKazuya Tsubokura, Takashi Kuboya, Takuma Tachi, Akihisa Sanae, and Kunikazu Kobayashi
Aichi Prefectural University
14:50~15:15PM1-3Development of hardware platform for participation in RoboCup Junior Rescue Maze competitionIulia Merzliakova[1,2] and Ivan Markov[2]
[1] Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, [2] Presidential lyceum of physics and mathematics 239
15:25~15:50PM2-1Robust real-time object detection on embedded devices in @work robotReza Ghasemi and Suhair Salehi
Chista Academy
15:50~16:15PM2-2About point cloud data from an orthogonal mounted laser range finder on a mobile robotHotaka Fujii, Taiga Shiraishi, Hyuga Miyata, and Wataru Uemura
Ryukoku University

Keynote Lecture

1. Robotics and Moon Shot Program
    Prof. Toshio FUKUDA, Meijo University

2. The History of RoboCup: Past, Present and Future
    Prof. Hitoshi MATSUBARA, Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Research Center, The University of Tokyo


Design Hall and Online Streaming
(Nadya Park Bldg. 3F, 18-1 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya city, Aichi)